Explaining Holistic/Biological Dentistry:

What is holistic dentistry? It is part of the alternative health care field. The whole body health approach is applied to the client’s dental health. The focus is not just on treatment of disease but the promotion of health and well being. It draws upon modern science and also on natural medicine. The principles of holistic dentistry focus on the avoidance and removal of toxins from dental materials, nutrition and natural medicine for prevention and treatment of dental disease, prevention and treatment of dental malocclusion (improper bite), and the prevention and treatment of periodontal (gum) disease. It is a controversial field because some beliefs go against the accepted beliefs and practices of “traditional” dental field, especially in regards to amalgam fillings and fluoride.

Dr. Kim’s philosophy is to utilize the best technology to deliver the best holistic dentistry possible. As an accredited member of the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), he shares the core belief's of the group and embraces science based biological dentistry. While Dr. Kim has extensive training in many advanced techniques of dentistry, his passion lies with helping his client’s achieve dental health. If a client does not already have a naturopathic/homeopathic or holistic health care provider, he strongly encourages that they find one. The holistic health field is filled with so much information which can easily be misinterpreted and implemented incorrectly. It’s best to seek those who have special training in those areas and have proven success in treatment of disease. Traditional medical care should never be ignored but for many chronic “incurable” conditions, holistic medicine can help where the traditional may not.

Blood testing is available to really narrow down which materials are most biocompatible with each individual. The materials which have a higher tendency to cause health issues are avoided as much as possible during dental procedures. Safe protocols and equipment are available to safely remove mercury fills. A supply of fluoride free and xylitol based oral care products are stocked. Tests to screen for over acidic oral environments can be performed. Early oral cancer detection scanning is routinely done for our clientele. Biocompatible same day crowns and partial crowns can be fabricated and bonded on the same visit. Laser gum treatment (LANAP with the Periolase) can be utilized to create new connective tissue attachment versus the gross removal of infected tissue/bone with scalpels and sutures. Recommendations on supplementation to help create healthier systems can be given. Ozone therapy is a technology that will be implemented soon to help destroy harmful bacteria. Digital X-rays greatly reduce the radiation exposure. Early detection of decay through laser technology allow for much more conservative preparations and treatment of cavities. The creation of harmony between the jaw joints (TMJ) and the occlusion (bite) can help protect teeth and function for a lifetime. This comprehensive list of holistic dental treatments will only get larger as newer technologies emerge and more effective natural medicines are discovered.


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